Dating a married man can have serious consequences. If you’re not sure if the man you’re dating is married, it’s best to avoid any potential complications. Here are six things to keep in mind if you’re considering dating a married man.

Tip 1: Don’t do it

As someone who has been burned by online dating in the past, I can tell you that it’s not worth your time or energy to try it again. The reason is simple: You’re likely to get hurt again. In fact, a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that people who have been hurt in previous relationships are more likely to experience negative outcomes when they date online.

The bottom line is this: If you’re looking for a relationship, go out and find one in person. Online dating is great for finding a date, but it’s not a good way to find someone who will be your long-term partner.


Tip 2: Be honest with yourself

As humans, we constantly try to be positive and upbeat. We tell ourselves that everything will work out, that we are capable of anything, and that no matter what happens, we will always be okay. But is this really the case? What if we were, to be honest with ourselves? What would that look like? Would it make us feel better or worse about ourselves? In short, should we ever be brutally honest with ourselves?

Tip 3: Protect yourself

Protecting yourself from unseen dangers is important. Here are some tips to help you stay safe:

Be aware of your surroundings. If something seems strange or out of the ordinary, investigate it. Be especially cautious if you are in a poorly lit area or if you feel like someone is following you.

Lock your doors and windows when leaving your home. Make sure all your curtains and blinds are closed so that no one can see inside. Store valuable items out of sight, and make sure to keep a close eye on them at all times.

Be aware of what kinds of phones and apps you use. Don’t download suspicious-looking apps, and be wary of calls that seem too good to be true or that come from unfamiliar numbers.

Keep up-to-date with safety information by subscribing to safety newsletters or following safety accounts on social media.

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Tip 4: End it if things get complicated

If things get too complicated, it may be time to end the relationship. This can be difficult to do, but it’s important to think about what is best for both parties. Keep in mind that ending a relationship might not be the answer for everyone, but if it’s not working out, it may be the best solution.

Tip 5: Get support

There are plenty of reasons why people might feel alone and unsupported. From personal experience, I know that it can be difficult to find the words or support system to help me through a tough time. If you’re feeling lost, here are some ways to get the help you need:

1. Talk to someone about what’s going on: Talking about your feelings and struggles can be incredibly helpful in managing them. Talking with a trusted friend, family member, therapist, or online forum can provide you with an outlet for all of your emotions.

2. Seek professional help: Sometimes it’s tough to talk about our problems without any outside validation. If you find that talking therapy or counseling is not for you, consider seeking professional help instead. This could be via a mental health professional, psychiatrist, psychologist, or social worker.


In conclusion, if you are dating a married man, or are considering it, there are several things you can do to end the relationship and protect yourself. First, be honest with yourself about why you’re attracted to him. Are you seeking attention that you’re not getting from your own partner? Do you feel like you’re worth less than him? Second, talk to someone who can help you deal with the emotional aftermath of this type of relationship.

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